The Latest…A Beach and a Movie!

November is my birthday month.  It’s kind of a weird time to have a birthday as it usually rains on November 19th, and it’s so close to Thanksgiving, we might as well just merge the two occasions, but that’s okay because I have the whole month to celebrate.

November 2-5th – Pajaro Dunes

Okay technically the weekend beach trip with my mom and sister was not a birthday present for me, but whatever, close enough! Look! Pretty!

Sunrise…. sunset…okay, just sunset. I do not rise that early.

Me, in my natural habitat.

Pajaro 3

Low Tide. Best time to look for seashells and sand dollars.

Pajaro 4

The ocean owns my heart.

Pajaro 5

Right after I got back from the beach I went straight to a friend’s house for a game night.  Then I crashed when I got home, went to work for the next couple of days but then took two days off to work on this film and feel free to donate to our movie! I play a snarky waitress.   🙂

Selfie 2

Some of the crew and cast.

Selfie 1

It was a night shoot, which is always challenging, but my hours weren’t too bad. I was home by 3am.  That’s nothing compared to when I was a stand-in for Neve Campbell on the movie “Scream“.  We had at least a month of 12-hour night shoots.  I would arrive on set at 6pm and we would wrap when the sun came up.  Then I would drive an hour and fifteen minutes home.  At least it was light outside during the commute. I was so young then.

Now I’m reworking my script for my full length one woman show “Late Bloomer”   while also picking up my script again for my new show “Confessions of a White Mexican” which I will be performing a 20 minute excerpt of in January at the Marsh Theater in Berkeley.   Check this blog later for more info on that show.

Now if you will excuse me, time to watch Saturday Night Live!




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