Late Bloomer-Coming to Fresno!

Last night I performed my one woman show at a coffee shop in Redwood City, CA at a monthly meet up group called Creative Crew. It was the perfect prep for me before taking my show on the road to Fresno, CA next month.

If you happen to be in that area the first two weekends in March- check out the Rogue Fringe Festival in downtown Fresno.  So many shows packed in a two week period!

For ticket information for my show go here:–late-bloomer/t/e418b18a4e1c5bacc534f60da9c91873/#social-comments


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The Day My Phone Died

Actually it was at night.  It was a typical weekday evening. I had just finished brushing my teeth and washing my face and was climbing into bed to play Candy Crush on my phone with late night television humming in the background.  Upon clicking on the app, a blank blue screen appeared.  I waited a few seconds for the home page to readjust- nothing.  I stayed calm.  I decided to restart the phone but upon doing this it froze on the word “RESTART?”  I waited a few more seconds.  “It does this”- I thought.  I waited a few more seconds.  Then it appeared to shut off- or so I thought.  But even though the screen was dark- lights at the bottom of my phone remained on.  And it stayed like that.  Forever. Or so it seemed.

I tried not to panic and continued to attempt to restart the phone again- nothing.  I watched late night television with one eye, while the other eye stared at my phone waiting for it to shut off completely. Nothing.  I tried taking the battery out and then stopped myself short remembering that this phone doesn’t have a removable battery.  What was I gonna do?  Go to sleep?  I read one chapter of a book.  I looked at my phone.  Still in limbo.  As a good Christian woman, I even prayed for my phone-for healing, by the blood of the lamb.  Nothing.  Finally giving up- I turned off the light to go to sleep.  I looked one more time at my phone- and saw the frozen light at the bottom.  Stuck there in time.   Nothing.  My mind made plans to go to the Verizon store the next day.  But what time do they open? I can’t check from my phone.  I can’t even get on my computer because I don’t have regular wi-fi! I use my hot spot on my phone to get online!  I was completely disconnected from the outside world.  Still, tomorrow would be a new day.

I woke up the next morning and looked over at Sammy, the Samsung. Still nothing.  I got up and walked down to Starbucks to get my morning coffee and took Sammy with me.  The Verizon store was nearby.  I could at least look at their door for their store hours.  It was like being in the 1980s all over again.

I can do this,” I thought.

As I suspected, the store didn’t open until later.  I would have to call the office and tell them I was going to be late, but….HOW?? Not a payphone was in sight. And even if I could find a payphone, I don’t know any of my co-worker’s phone numbers! Well, except one.  Angela.  And we work on different floors but she could at least email everyone and let them know my dilemma.  I bought my iced coffee with my credit card instead of my Starbucks App, throwing the barista off as he looked at my quizzically.  “My phone died” I lamented.  “My condolences,” he said.


As I walked back to my apartment, I noticed my phone was very warm.  A little too warm. Maybe it’s just overheated and needs a cool down.  Uh oh, it IS a Samsung. Okay, it’s not the Samsung 7 Note that has been catching on fire, but it is a close relative.  So I did what any rational person would do.

I put my phone in the refrigerator.

How would I let the world know I was offline? I couldn’t even get on Facebook to tell everyone, “MAY DAY, MAY DAY!” I couldn’t check my email or text messages.  What if people are trying to get a hold of me? What if there is an emergency?  What if??!

I turned on my computer to type my thoughts out in a Word Document.  My one sanctuary, my one outlet that doesn’t need online access.  As I powered up, the “not connected” icon glared at me in the far right bottom corner, judging me.  “That’s right”, I thought.  “I’m off line.  But I can save my document without you! I don’t need you!”

I took my phone out of the refrigerator. Even though it had cooled it down the frozen light was probably draining the battery.  I plugged it back in. Then I unplugged it  and put it back in the refrigerator. Then I plugged it back in. This would be the temporary fix until I could get it to the emergency room at Verizon.  I had to keep its heart beating.  It’s okay, mommy is here with you.

I started thinking about those stories of people who take offline fasts.  Had I become one of those people?

It wasn’t supposed to happen this way.  Sammy isn’t even two years old yet. I haven’t paid him off. I’m not ready to upgrade.   He can’t die. I’m still stuck in a contract!

I got ready for work and then drove back to the Verizon store. A male millennial greeted me.

“Can I help you?”

“My phone is frozen!”

“Let’s see what we have here. Oh, did you try taking out the battery?”

“No, I thought..”

He successfully took the battery out and popped it back in.  Wait, I thought it couldn’t..

And then I remembered.  It was my OTHER phone, the one I had before Sammy– Diana, the Droid X, that I couldn’t remove the battery. Or maybe it was Henry, the HTC…or maybe…

And just like that, Sammy was restored! Healed! Hallelujah!

With just 18 percent battery left! I had to move quickly.

I emailed my co workers to let them know I was on my way. I checked for any emergency text messages or emails.  To my relief, the world still turned without me.  I plugged Sammy into my car charger and drove off to work.  Contemplating the entire way about getting a land line….





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Trial By Fire

So I was accepted into the Fresno Fringe Festival this upcoming March 2017 and there is nothing like a deadline to force me to get into high gear.

I have been working on my first full length solo show “Confessions of a Late Bloomer” for quite awhile now and I am ready to put all the pieces together. I have only performed 20 minute excerpts at a time so I have no idea if the whole piece, run together, makes any sense.

The good part about putting together a solo show by a deadline is that it forces me to wear many hats- very quickly.  A crash course in production, if you will.  I have been wearing my writer’s hat for so long and now I am juggling my actor, sound tech and costume hats all at once within the last week.  All of a sudden, I need a haircut, a costume, and a photo shoot completed by next month.  Yikes.  Fortunately for me, I am good under pressure. Found the beginning of my costume, software for my sound cues, and local photographer that I trust.  Now if I could only find reliable internet service so I can continue to update this blog…

Speaking of trials, I only have an hour of internet access as I type this.  Apparently I have burned through most of my Verizon data plan already.  I usually am not online that much outside of work, so that dinky plan worked for me before.  Not anymore. The times they are a changing.  Gotta go.  Gotta use this internet time wisely. Peace.



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Confessions- Part 4!

Oh my gosh how I have neglected this blog! Proving my inability to creatively multi-task. Sure I can go to work and the gym and then write. But can I write multiple different stories at once and keep blogging and posting them on Facebook? Apparently not.  I have been super hyper focused on finishing up my final draft of my first attempt at a full length one- woman show: CONFESSIONS OF A LATE BLOOMER.  A story about the world’s youngest 35 year old.  I can’t seem to do anything else. I do have a couple of other story ideas brewing in the back of my mind- both include a lot of music.  Hmmm. It sounds ambitious and complicated! A soundtrack? At least my first solo show is minimal when it comes to bells and whistles.  Speaking of which…

Come on out tomorrow night , Tuesday, August 23rd and see 5 wonderful solo performers for David Ford’s class performance in Berkeley! I go on first.  Doors at 7pm, show at 7:30pm.  $8 at the door only.  Each performance is approximately 20 minutes.

The Marsh Theater, 2120 Allston Way, Berkeley.  Right off Downtown Berkeley BART Station!

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Cat Nanny, Casting, Writing..

So I was a Cat Nannying fool these past few weeks.  Usually I don’t book up so much in the Spring but all of my friends took trips so I got to hang out with other people’s cats.  Because that’s what I do, I’m a Cat Nanny.

First there was Andrea’s cat- Foxie, who needed to go to the vet a couple of times a week so she could get her shots.  She was a snuggle bunny though when it came to binge watching shows on tv.  Andrea was on a cruise with her family and left her fur baby with me.

Foxie Relaxes


Then my friend Peggy and her husband Curtis went to Hawaii and I had to watch two fur babies- Jack and Jojo.  Jojo seems annoyed at Jack’s carefree ways.


Then my friend Cynthia went to Cuba- dang! Who does that? Who goes to Cuba? Cynthia. That girl is crazy.  And she left me with Jasper- the friendly cat, the friendliest cat you know.  In the morning that is- he’s a morning kitty.

Morn’n.  Oh, Were You Sleeping?


Somewhere in the busy feline fury I helped my friend Tony cast some local talent for his upcoming movie, “Neighbor” which will start filming next week!  Sooo..SHHHH, quiet on the set!  Yeah, I used to work in casting for many years- I don’t really do it very much anymore, but seeking out talent never really leaves the blood.  It’s okay- although I would much rather be IN FRONT of a camera or on stage myself. Speaking of which…

My Solo Performance class finally starts up again next week and I really want to get the rest of my solo show finished this year- CONFESSIONS OF A LATE BLOOMER must be ready for Fringe Festivals in 2017.  I am hoping to finish it in 2016.  Gotta get this show up and running. I must confess I feel like it’s not edgy enough for the SF/Berkeley crowd.  Urban areas seem to want more grit and well I am just so squeaky clean! But hey, the Midwest will love me!

Gotta go. Saturday Night Live is on!


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Spring Awakenings!

So I blinked and it was New Years Day and I blinked again and now it’s Spring? What is happening?  These past couple of months have been a busy blur, cat sitting in far away places, but now I am back in my own apartment!  Woo hoo! That is, until Thursday. Then more cats will need the cat nanny love again.  What can I say? I am in hot demand.

Being it’s already Spring means I have two shows next month! I thought the month of April was so far away that I was just kicking back letting my script get dusty, but now I am back baby, back!  Gotta start warming up the vocal chords again.  In the meantime..

I just got some postcards from the Marsh Theatre mailed to me with the details!  I will be performing alongside three other solo artists (approx. 20 minutes each). Below is the show info and I hope to see you there!

The Marsh Theatre  1062 Valencia Street San Francisco CA 94110


Box Office Opens at 7pm.  Performances at 7:30pm. $8 at the door only.


  • Missie O’Toole, “TRANSforming AIDS:Earth, Energy, Spirit”
  • Theresa Donahoe, “Confessions of a Late Bloomer”
  • Elaine Magree, “Holding the Edge”
  • Ron Jones, “Naked Zombies”





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The Sick Blog

Saturday, January 23, 2016– While finishing up my 15,000 Fitbit steps and waiting for the latest episode of Saturday Night Live to come on, I notice that I feel a bit winded.  Uh oh..could it be?

Sunday– I wake up with a full blown cold.  Any plans I have- get scraped.  I know how I am. If I don’t take care of myself now, this cold will never go away…NEVAH!  That day I drop to 6,000 steps on Fitbit.  I make one trek to the store to load up on Chicken Noodle soup and side salads from Trader Joes.

Monday– Call in sick, but still optimistic that I may be better by Tuesday, at the latest Wednesday. I am still planning on going to my Wed hip hop class.  But by the end of the day, I feel lousy.  I do less than 4,000 steps.  Uh oh.

Tuesday– Call in sick again.  I drop to 3,000 steps.   My brain is a fog.  I take Tylenol and Actifed twice a day and rotate Nyquil and Thearflu for sleep.

Wednesday– I tell my work that I may come in for a few hours.  I finally take a shower.  I realize I still can’t function fully. I go back to the store to get more soup and salads.  I call in sick.  3500 steps.  Is this cold over yet?

Thursday– The self hate/guilt is in full force.  I feel lazy and question if I am really sick at all.  Of course all of these thoughts are while I am in bed, perfectly still, playing Candy Crush.  Then I finally get up to go to the bathroom.  Yup, still sick. No work for me.  And so sick of soup! I google, “Can you exercise while sick?”  Small amounts of walking should be okay. 6,000 steps by bedtime.

Friday– Feeling slightly better.  Take only one Actifed that day.  Not sneezing as much.  Still run down.  Stay home from work to be on the safe side. 7,000 steps around my neighborhood.

Saturday– Wake up and convince myself, since it’s the weekend, I should be better now.  Go for morning walk, chest hurts from the Phlegm.  Screw you, you stupid cold.  I am determined to do more than 7,000 steps even though I still get a little dizzy.  No more of this. I have to better by Monday.  I envy every productive fully functioning human being alive.  Someday, that will be me…someday….

To be continued.


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